Room Heat Map

The Room Heat Map is a powerful software tool that uses real-time data to show the temperature distribution in a given space. Users can baseline their environments and gain insights into potential problem areas, at the lowest possible cost. 



What is a Room Heat Map?

The Room Heat Map is a service. Users can buy or rent AUDIT-BUDDY stands to collect data, and Purkay Labs’ will generate a Room Heat Program that contains a multi-level, bird’s eye view of a space. Users will get a customized Room Heat Map program with all maps, as well as shareable .gifs.

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How it Works

Step 1: Collect Data

Users can buy or rent AUDIT-BUDDY systems, or use the Purkay Labs’ Service to collect information.

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Use the QuickScan Mode to scan multiple locations across the floor.

Use multiple stands on the LongScan mode to collect data at user defined time and intervals.


Step 2: Create Map


Whether you buy, rent or use Purkay Labs’ Service, the data will go to Purkay Labs. We will generate a custom Room Heat Map report, as well as .gif file(s) that can be used in reports and presentations.



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By design, the AUDIT-BUDDY system captures data at three different heights for a complete profile. The Room Heat Maps allow you to see the heat distribution at three different heights, so you don’t have to worry about missing irregularities near the floor or ceiling of the room.

ALL the information in one report

With the Room Heat Map Service, Purkay Labs will give you the visual representation of your room, as well as a written report detailing the environmental findings. This is the easiest way to get a baseline of your environment, without significant investment in sensors, monitoring software or complex integration.

Read a sample report here.


Validate REAL-TIME

Now you don’t have to rely on models to predict what might happen. With the Room Heat Map, you see what is actually happening, so you can react quickly to real life problems.



There are multiple types of heat maps. You select whether you want a dynamic or static map, and whether you want a planned or aisle view. Whether you need to see the temperature distribution change over time, or see a single point in time, Purkay Labs has you covered. Please contact Purkay Labs for a custom quote.



The Room Heat Map can be used to characterize any facilities.

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Data Centers




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+ What is the Room Heat Map?

The Room Heat Map is a horizontal (bird’s eye) view of the heat distribution across the room. Use to characterize and validate how the room is operating. Purkay Labs offers two types of map: Static Room Heat Map and a Dynamic Room Heat Map.

+ What are the different types of heat maps?

There are three types of heat maps- dynamic horizontal map, static horizontal map, or vertical heat maps.

+ Is this a CFD?

The Room Heat is uses real data, collected with our AUDIT-BUDDY systems. It is a great way to validate a CFD that simulates room conditions.

+ How do I create the Room Heat Map?

Users can use the AUDIT-BUDDY system to gather information and send the data set to the Purkay Labs team to create the room heat map. Alternatively, Purkay Labs is able to come on site to do an assessment.

+ What is the cost of the Room Heat Map?

The price of the Room Heat Map depends on several variables: size, fidelity of data, and time frame. Please contact us for a customized quote.