Required CFM


What is Purkay Labs’ Airflow Analysis

We have developed a simple method to determine if you are supplying enough airflow to your servers. First, we look at your electrical load and the heat generated to determine how much airflow you need. Then, we compare it to what you’re supplying at the servers.

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The Myth of the 160 CFM Rule

A common “rule” for cooling is 160 CFM for every 1 kW of electrical load. If you have 100 kW of electrical load*, you need 16,000 CFM.
Yet the planned idea versus the reality is not always the same.

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The reality is the 160 CFM for 1kW “rule” is a guideline. For precise and safe airflow supply, need to look at how much heat is being generated by your current electrical load. It is important to look at cabinet delta-T and kW load.


How to Calculate CFM

CFM is based on the amount of electricity consumed and the change in cabinet temperature.

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The higher the delta-T, the less CFM you need to cool cabinets. The lower the delta-T, the more CFM. The goal should be to: increase delta-T to manage facility more efficiently 

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You need to examine what the actual kW and delta-Ts are in order to understand your airflow.


Purkay Labs On-Site Assessment

With the Purkay Labs’ On-Site Assessment Service, Purkay Labs will examine your environment to ensure that you are cooling effectively.

Step 1: Measure Temperature and Humidity, as well as the server Delta-T

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STEP 2: Measure CFM with HOOD

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STEP 3: Compare the measured versus required CFM

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