introducing the

Interactive Data Hall Program


The Interactive Data Hall program is a dynamic software that brings your space, power and cooling information to one place. It’s the solution that makes managing your environment simple. 




The Interactive Data Hall program is designed to get set up and start running quickly. Simply install the .EXE program and create your floor plan in less an hour.

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Create a custom floor plan of the cabinets, tile openings, PDUs, CRACs and more.


Upload your data. It’s as simple as a drag and drop.


Quickly sort and filter through your data.


How It Works

Step 1: Create a floor plan

Data Hall Layout.png

Step 2: Scan your environment

QuickScan Abridged.gif

The Data




Skip the Spreadsheets

The Interactive Data Hall program is designed to make your data digestible. No need to hunt through multiple spreadsheets, Visio files or hard copy media- the program gives on-demand access to all your facility information in one centralized location.


Easy Airflow Management

Purkay Labs has developed a simple method to determine if you are supplying enough airflow to your servers. During the On-Site Assessment, Purkay Labs will use the AUDIT-BUDDY system to collect server delta-T information as well as use the TSI Balometer to collect CFM at every tile. The customer will provide the kW information. This information is compared in the Interactive Data Hall program, and the users are able to see how much CFM is required versus how much is actually being supplied.

CFM Analysis.png


Part Number PLDHI

What’s Included Single Install License

Support Plan 1 Year Free Premium Purkay Labs Support, 1 Software or Firmware Upgrade (if Available)

System Requirements Windows 7, 8.1 or 10

Recommended: 64 bit OS with at least 4 GB RAM and 100 MB of Hard Disk Capability

Minimum Display: 1200 x 800


Quick Links

Interactive Data User Manual.png


+ What is the Interactive Data Hall?

The Interactive Data Hall is a software program designed to store and visualize multiple QuickScan files. Users can build their own data hall – by themselves or with Purkay Labs’ assistance- with racks, aisles, perforated tiles, PDUs, CRAC units. Then users can upload various sets of data that has been collected.

+ What can I do with the Interactive Data Hall?

Users can:

  • View a bird’s eye view layout of the data hall
  • Identify Hot and Cold Aisles
  • Sort through Maximum, Minimum or Average temperatures
  • Change Top, Middle, Bottom or Average view
  • Filter data for temperatures above, below, or between user defined or ASHRAE ranges
  • Display Perforated Tile Openings (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%)- Add custom notes to individual tiles

+ How do I create the Floorplan?

Currently, users must work with Purkay Labs to create the floorplan as fixtures, such as Cabinets and PDUs, are placed to size.

+ I want a Interactive Data Hall, but don't have the time and/or labor?

Purkay Labs offers on-site Assessment Service, where our team will collect environmental information and provide a custom, populated Interactive Data Hall program.

+ Can I make changes to the floorplan?

Yes, once the floor plan has been created, you can make changes to the layout as well as update the environmental information.

+ What is the price for the Data Hall Program?

The data hall price depends on the size and fidelity of information. Please contact us for a customized quote.

+ What information can I add the Data Hall?

Users can stream data from the AUDIT-BUDDY system directly to the data hall. Other data, such as PDU, CRAC, Cabinet Names, can be manually imported.

+ What is the device/operating system compability?*

All Purkay Labs’ software run on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. Purkay Labs recommends a 64-bit operating system with at least 4GB Ram and at least 100MB of Hard Disk Capability. The minimum supported display is 1200 x 800.