Frequently Asked Questions





+ What is AUDIT-BUDDY?

AUDIT-BUDDY is a portable and standalone temperature and humidity monitor. It consists of three temperature and humidity sensors and 1 carbon fiber rod with weighted base. It is portable, battery powered and has a low learning curve— no new programs/installations--- just scan and use Excel to view data. The key advantage is that AUDIT-BUDDY can spot check air quality and diagnose cooling issues in areas without permanent monitoring.

+ How does AUDIT-BUDDY compare to other environmental monitors (wireless sensors, IR guns, DCIMs)?

AUDIT-BUDDY™ is a tool aimed at transient monitoring applications with no demands on the existing infrastructure. Users can deploy AUDIT-BUDDY™ where they suspect a problem, or if they need to baseline their facility, then put AUDIT-BUDDY™ away, without leaving any footprint in the datahall.

Wireless sensors require monitoring infrastructure to be set-up to collect information and users must keep track of where the sensors are located, adding to the RF pollution in the white space.

Infrared guns are not, and cannot, be as accurate as AUDIT-BUDDY™. Infrared guns can only measure the temperature of the surface of the server and can’t measure true air temperature. In addition, the color of the reflecting surface affects the temperature measurement. If you are assessing data center operating efficiency by minute changes in the CRAC settings, where 1°F change is significant, you really can’t measure that impact with an IR gun. AUDIT-BUDDY™ on the other hand is an accurate tool to measure such minor change impacts.

+ How does AUDIT-BUDDY compare to other data loggers?

AUDIT-BUDDY, like many data loggers such a measure both temperature and relative humidity. However, AUDIT-BUDDY differs in its standalone design and ability to both record and diagnose data.

The construction of Audit-Buddy allows you to measure the inlet or outlet air going into the server at three different heights simultaneously. This provides an accurate account of the whole rack environment, rather than an individual point. Measurement of the air temperature going in or out simultaneously of the server is key, as it lets you determine your cooling efficiency. Stated another way, the Audit-Buddy system provides you temperature stratification information for your cold and hot aisles without requiring any special installation, without touching the server or hanging multiple sensors from the ceiling.

The second key difference is with the information supplied. The Audit-Buddy system tells you what's causing your thermal issues (hot spots, overcooled regions etc.), how effective your cool efficiency is, and how much cold air you're wasting due to bypass and recirculation airflow. Our software is designed to make it easy to quickly post-process data, without wasting a lot of time. Audit-Buddy is a data center application focused tool that provides information about the cooling system, not just the raw data.

+ What type of data do I get with AUDIT-BUDDY?

AUDIT-BUDDY records temperature and humidity per location and the different software allows the users to easily manipulate the data into meaningful information. A basic list of data functions is provided below: • Quickly collect data for every cabinet environment • Collect Long term trend data for a single stand • View Scan highlights • View time-trend graphs with customized alarm limits • Create “CFD-like" vertical heat Map with real-time data. • Diagnose server specific cooling efficiency • Calculate cost of “overcooling” in terms of OpEX and Consumption • Create Interactive “aerial” Data Hall Views to quickly drill down and isolate problem areas

+ Does AUDIT-BUDDY measure airflow?

No. AUDIT-BUDDY does not measure airflow. However, our three software programs- the Optimize Macro, WIFI-MATE and/or Data Hall Program- utilize the temperature data to calculate airflow inefficiencies, such as bypass and recirculation, as well as the required CFM necessary to effectively cool an aisle or room.

+ How close and where do I place the sensors?

Place AUDIT-BUDDY as close as an inch away from the server rack using the carbon fiber rod or fix it directly to the surface using the magnetic plate.

Purkay Labs recommends placing one TH1 Module near the floor, one TH1 Module close to the top of the rack and one TH1 Module in the middle of the cabinet to get a detailed stratification of the cabinet.

+ How long is AUDIT-BUDDY’s battery life?

AUDIT-BUDDY uses standard alkaline AA batteries for operation. The low power design allows the user to operate the unit without requiring frequent replacements. Under normal operating conditions, used once or twice a week, the batteries will last for at least 6 months. A low battery warning is displayed before the user starts a data collection. The user can also test the module’s current battery condition at any time. The scanned data is stored in Non-Volatile Memory and is not dependent on battery voltage, and therefore is not lost when the batteries are removed to be replaced.

+ How do I transfer data?

AUDIT-BUDDY design allows you to transfer data one of three ways. The simplest is using a USB Flash Drive to transfer the data after the sampling is complete. For facilities where USB Flash Drives aren’t allowed, one can use the supplied USB cable to directly download the data from the module to the PC/tablet using the AUDIT-MATE PC program. The third approach uses the 802.11 WIFI. One needs to add a WIFI Adapter Module to make the TH1 module communicate via WIFI. The sampled data is automatically streamed directly to your PC or Tablet.

+ Can I integrate my data with my Building Automation System? ?

All collected data from Purkay Labs Software and Macros support data export in .CSV and .PNG formats. Specific integration to a building automation system will require a custom wrapper to be written. This will vary from site to site based on the specific requirements. Please contact Purkay Labs for more information.




+ What is WIFI-BUDDY or AUDIT-BUDDY 2.0?

WIFI-BUDDY is the wireless version of AUDIT-BUDDY™ that allows users to stream real-time data via a personal or facility WIFI network. Each AUDIT-BUDDY 2.0 system consists of 3 WIFI-Modules (3 TH1 Modules and 3 WIFI adapters) and a carbon fiber rod. AUDIT-BUDDY 2.0 uses the WIFI-MATE program to configure and analyze data from up to 10 WIFI-BUDDY stands (30 WIFI Modules.)

+ How do I transfer/read data?

By design, the AUDIT-BUDDY 2.0 streams data directly to the WIFI-MATE program. Users can also stream data directly into the Data Hall Program.

+ Is the data encrypted?

WIFI-MATE uses encrypted secure Wi-Fi authentication via WEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK (AEWS).

+ Are the Wi-fi adapters FCC Certified?

Yes. WIFI-BUDDY is FCC certified.

+ Does WIFI-BUDDY connect to the Internet?

No, the WIFI-BUDDY system does not connect to the Internet.

+ Can I use the software on multiple computers??

While there are no license requirements to operate AUDIT-BUDDY, you can only use one PC to collect data at a time.

+ What is the security protocol for AUDIT-BUDDY or WIFI-BUDDY?

All software and macros supplied by Purkay Labs are digitally signed and time stamped for security systems designed to reject files that are not. To communicate to the TH1 module from the PC and Tablet, two different industry USB standard drivers are required. These are supplied by Purkay Labs along with the AUDIT-BUDDY system. Contact your site IT Security person if you have any questions regarding driver installation.

WIFI-BUDDY uses industry standard 802.11 b/g 2.4GHz WIFI. The PC and WIFI Adapters use dynamic IP assignment by the router. The Authentication System supports WEP-128, WPA-PSK(TKIP) and WPA2-PSK(AES). Contact your site Wireless Security personnel to insure that the site WIFI will allow devices to initiate and receive UDP packets. Purkay Labs also supplies an off the shelf router, should you wish to use a temporary network for WIFI communications.

+ How long is the battery life?

Each WIFI adapter use four standard (AA) alkaline batteries. Battery life varies between 12-24 hours based on scan type. There is a low battery warning when adapter or TH1 Module batteries fall below safe operating thresholds. Should battery failure occur, data collected up to that point is stored in the WIFI-MATE PC. Purkay Labs recommends using the supplied 100-240AV WIFI power brick for long term scans.

+ How long is the battery life?

Each WIFI adapter use four standard (AA) alkaline batteries. Battery life varies between 12-24 hours based on scan type. There is a low battery warning when adapter or TH1 Module batteries fall below safe operating thresholds. Should battery failure occur, data collected up to that point is stored in the WIFI-MATE PC. Purkay Labs recommends using the supplied 100-240AV WIFI power brick for long term scans.

Interactive Data Hall

+ What is the Interactive Data Hall?

The Interactive Data Hall is a software program designed to store and visualize multiple QuickScan files. Users can build their own data hall – by themselves or with Purkay Labs’ assistance- with racks, aisles, perforated tiles, PDUs, CRAC units. Then users can upload various sets of data that has been collected.

+ What can I do with the Interactive Data Hall?

Users can:

  • View a bird’s eye view layout of the data hall
  • Identify Hot and Cold Aisles
  • Sort through Maximum, Minimum or Average temperatures
  • Change Top, Middle, Bottom or Average view
  • Filter data for temperatures above, below, or between user defined or ASHRAE ranges
  • Display Perforated Tile Openings (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%)- Add custom notes to individual tiles

+ How do I create the Floorplan?

Currently, users must work with Purkay Labs to create the floorplan as fixtures, such as Cabinets and PDUs, are placed to size.

+I want a Interactive Data Hall, but don't have the time and/or labor?

Purkay Labs offers on-site Assessment Service, where our team will collect environmental information and provide a custom, populated Interactive Data Hall program.

+ Can I make changes to the floorplan?

Yes, once the floor plan has been created, you can make changes to the layout as well as update the environmental information.

+ What is the price for the Data Hall Program?

The data hall price depends on the size and fidelity of information. Please contact us for a customized quote.

+What information can I add the Data Hall?

Users can stream data from the AUDIT-BUDDY system directly to the data hall. Other data, such as PDU, CRAC, Cabinet Names, can be manually imported.

+ What is the device/operating system compability?*

All Purkay Labs’ software run on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. Purkay Labs recommends a 64-bit operating system with at least 4GB Ram and at least 100MB of Hard Disk Capability. The minimum supported display is 1200 x 800.

Airflow Assessment

+ What is the On-Site Assessment Service?

Purkay Labs provides on-site data center facility assessment services wherever your data center is located. Our expert team will perform a detailed audit of your facility’s layout, environment and airflow management and populate the collected data into our Interactive Data Hall Program. Purkay Labs will even provide on-going data center site visits to insure your data stays up-to-date and establish trend reports for effective data center facility management.

+ What do I get with the On-Site Assessment Service ?

Users can:

  • Accurate data center floor layouts
  • Multi-height rack temperature, humidity and dew point data
  • Tile Placement and Opening Positions
  • CRAC, PDU, and Cabinet Placements
  • Walk-through Airflow Management Recommendations
  • Airflow Management Recommendations
  • Environmental Reports
  • Raw Data

+ What is the price for the On-Site Assessment Service ?

The data hall price depends on the size and fidelity of information. Please contact us for a customized quote.

Room Heat Map

+ What is the Room Heat Map?

The Room Heat Map is a horizontal (bird’s eye) view of the heat distribution across the room. Use to characterize and validate how the room is operating. Purkay Labs offers two types of map: Static Room Heat Map and a Dynamic Room Heat Map.

+ Is this a CFD?

The Room Heat is uses real data, collected with our AUDIT-BUDDY systems. It is a great way to validate a CFD that simulates room conditions.

+ How do I create the Room Heat Map?

Users can use the AUDIT-BUDDY system to gather information and send the data set to the Purkay Labs team to create the room heat map. Alternatively, Purkay Labs is able to come on site to do an assessment.

+ What is the cost of the Room Heat Map?

The price of the Room Heat Map depends on several variables: size, fidelity of data, and time frame. Please contact us for a customized quote.


+ What type of support do I recieve?

All purchases come with one hour free training session as well as one free upgrade (if available) for one year. We also offer unlimited customer support during the first year. Please contact Purkay Labs directly to arrange an on-site training session or an additional cost.

After one year, users can sign up for a yearly support program to get free upgrades or be charged on a per hour basis.

+ What do I need to do to order ?

Please contact Purkay Labs directly to place an order.

+ What is the refund policy?

We accept returns that meet our Return Policy within 30 days of purchase. Please ensure that items are not used or damaged.

Purkay Labs requires customers to contact Customer Service at 1.774.261.4444 or email to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. You must request this number within 30 days of purchase date for a full refund. To read the full return policy, please click here.

+ What is the warranty?

There is a one year limited warranty on all Purkay Labs manufactured products. Please visit on Terms & Conditions to learn more.

+ Where do the products ship from and how long does it take?

Products are shipped from the Purkay Labs Headquarters in North Grafton, MA- just outside of Boston, MA- via UPS Ground.