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The Purkay Labs’ AUDIT-BUDDY system is a portable environmental monitor that collects temperature, humidity and dew point information at three heights simultaneously. This tool is used to manually spot check and diagnose environmental issues, such as hot and cold spots.  

AUDIT-BUDDY 2.0 is sold as a set of 2 stands with wifi capability.

Hardware: 2 Systems

  • 6 TH1 Modules, 6 Wi-Fi adapters, 2Carbon fiber rod, 1 router

  • 6 mounting plates, 6 rod clamps, 1 USB cable



  • DPLOT License (PLDPLOT)


Interactive data hall program


This simple software program allows users to create a custom color coded map of key data center data. Quickly switch between a bird’s eye view of the data center layout or drill down to cabinet-specific data to get a comprehensive overview of the data center’s space, power and cooling.

You will be able to access:

  • Custom data center floor layouts

  • Unlimited Multi-height rack temperature, humidity and dew point data

  • Tile Placement and Opening Positions

  • CRAC, PDU, and Cabinet Placements

  • Airflow Analysis Reports




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