Fast, secure, and powerful. The new Wi-Fi adapter allows you to stream real-time environmental data.

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Features Powerful Features

WIFI-BUDDY is designed to streamline your environmental monitoring. Optimize your facility faster.

OverviewThe Wi-Fi Adapter

WIFI-BUDDY is the wireless AUDIT-BUDDY solution that allows you to stream real-time environmental data. Create a WIFI-BUDDY by attaching the Wi-Fi adapters to each TH1 Module.


Set-Up Easy Connections

Attach the Wi-Fi adapter to the AUDIT-BUDDY and stream data to your PC or Tablet.
  • Attach Wi-Fi Adapter

    The Wi-Fi Adapter connects directlyto the TH1 Module.

  • Connect to a Private Network

    Use a private, secure router or connect to your own Wi-Fi network.

  • Read in Wi-Fi Mate

    Configure and read real-time data inWI-FI MATE

How it WorksInformation Fast

Get all the same benefits as the AUDIT-BUDDY but faster. With WIFI-BUDDY, you skip the USB transfer to Excel process and get real-time data.

Serious Security

Data is encrypted the moment it's collected. We use industry standard Wi-Fi protocols, encrypted secure authentication, and never connects to the internet.

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Adaptable Set-Up

Use your Wi-Fi Network or router to stream data. No Wi-Fi? Just disconnect the adapter to scan manually.

“We are very impressed with the accuracy and ease in which this product operates!

Because of the flexibility in the design of Wifi- Buddy, we are starting a project to baseline our entire data center. Then, as we add additional servers or equipment, we will revisit that location and compare that against our baseline. ”

Data Center Manager Telecommunications Facility, USA


What's in the Box

 Security Specs

  • Purkay Labs recommends using a seperate router to create a temporary, private, encrypted network between the PC, Router and WIFI Adapters
  • WIFI-BUDDY uses industry standard 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • Supports DHCP enabled (Dynamic) and DHCP disabled (Static) IP Configuration
  • Encrypted secure Wi-Fi authentication via WEP, WPAPSK (TKIP) and (WPA2-PSK (AES)
  • If using, facility Wi-Fi, system should allow device to device communication. AP isolation prohibited.
  • PC should allow execution of digitally signed .exe files and no restrictions on IP assignment.



WIFI-BUDDY is the wireless version of AUDIT-BUDDY that allows users to stream real-time data via a personal or facility WIFI network. Each WIFI-BUDDY system consists of 3 WIFI-Modules (3 TH1 Modules and 3 WIFI adapters) and a carbon fiber rod. WIFI-BUDDY uses the WIFI-MATE program to configure and analyze data from up to 10 WIFI-BUDDY stands (30 WIFI Modules.)

The WIFI Adapter is a plug-in adapter that transmits data collected in the TH1 Module to a remote PC or tablet.

WIFI-MATE is the PC based program used to configure WIFI-Modules and analyze data. Users can connect up to 10 stands or 30 WIFI-Modules.

In terms of hardware, WIFI-BUDDY can stream real-time data directly to a PC whereas users must download AUDIT-BUDDY data via a USB stick or cable. During the scan process, WIFI-BUDDY users can start and stop all modules simultaneously with one click. The WIFI-BUDDY software, WIFI-MATE, has enhanced analytical capabilities that allow users to see real-time time-trend graphs, contour maps and enhanced automated cooling performance graphics.  


Each WIFI adapter use four standard (AA) alkaline batteries. Battery life varies between 12-24 hours based on scan type. There is a low battery warning when adapter or TH1 Module batteries fall below safe operating thresholds. Should battery failure occur, data collected up to that point is stored in the WIFI-MATE PC . Purkay Labs recommends using the supplied 100-240AV WIFI power brick for long term scans.

WIFI-BUDDY uses 4 AA Batteries (Alkaline or Lithium) for short term monitoring or a 100-240VAC Power Brick supplied with the adapter.

WIFI-BUDDY has been rigorously tested in a number of facilities. Purkay Labs’ offers a “Tester” program to confirm that the WIFI-BUDDY system works with your facilities’ IT Protocols. To ensure there are no IT restrictions, we ask that you verify that:•Your facility allows peer to peer communication as WIFI BUDDY uses P2P via UDP protocol•You have permission to install Silicon Labs’ drivers•You can authorize program communication through Windows Firewall 

Yes, WIFI-BUDDY is designed to work with facility WiFi. WIFI-BUDDY uses 802.11 b/g/n for communication. Users should check facility signal strength before conducting a scan to ensure that the facility WIFI signal reaches the top and bottom of all cabinets in the hall. Purkay Labs recommends using the cell phone signal strength as a good indicator for WIFI-connectivity. If signal strength is poor, users can use a separate router WiFi network.


No. The first generation of WIFI-MATE currently requires the PC and WIFI-BUDDY to be on the same network. Purkay Labs is currently working on a second generation remote monitoring capabilities.

WIFI-MATE is a .EXE application program that is digitally signed and time-stamped with a traceable code. Please check with your IT department if you need permission to install and run a Digitally Signed .Exe file.

All Purkay Labs’ software run on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. Purkay Labs recommends a 64-bit operating system with at least 4GB Ram and at least 100MB of Hard Disk Capability. The minimum supported display is 1200 x 800.


WIFI-BUDDY uses industry standard 802.11 b/g 2.4GHz WIFI. The WIFI Adapters use dynamic IP assignment by the router. WIFI-MATE uses encrypted secure Wi-Fi authentication via WEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK (AEWS). The most secure configuration is to use a separate router that does not connect to the Internet. Each WIFI-BUDDY comes with a router that creates a separate, personal and encrypted network between the PC, router and WIFI-Adapters.

No, the WIFI-BUDDY system does not connect to the Internet.

WIFI-MATE uses encrypted secure Wi-Fi authentication via WEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK (AEWS).

WIFI-MATe supports WEP-128, WPA PSK, and WPA2-PSK (AES).

Yes. WIFI-BUDDY is FCC certified.

Purkay Labs offers a WIFI-BUDDY tester program for users that want to ensure that WIFI-BUDDY will work in their facility security protocols. The WIFI BUDDY tester program helps the user ensure that the router and the adapter communicated with each other within the network.

There are no license requirements to operate AUDIT-BUDDY. Do note that only one PC can serve as the central data point for collection of data.


All purchases come with one hour free training session as well as one free upgrade (if available) for one year. We also o;er unlimited customer support during the rst year. Please contact Purkay Labs directly to arrange an on-site training session or an additional cost.

After one year, users can sign up for a yearly support program to get free upgrades or be charged on a per hour basis.

No. Existing AUDIT-BUDDY customers can purchase a WIFI-BUDDY upgrade pack that consists of 3 WIFI-Adapters and the WIFI-MATE program. Qualified existing customers may be eligible for a discount. Please contact Purkay Labs directly.

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