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Purkay Labs: Featured Sponsor at Green Data Center Conference

Posted on March 1, 2017

Purkay Labs: Featured Sponsor at Green Data Center Conference

North Grafton, MA. (February 15, 2016) Purkay Labs was a featured sponsor at lasts week’s Green Data Center Conference at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. 
The Purkay Labs’ team showed the latest capabilities of their flagship product, AUDIT-BUDDY. This portable temperature and humidity monitor helps users to quickly pinpoint and diagnose air flow issues, such as hot spots or overcooling, in a matter of hours. 
About Purkay Labs
Purkay Labs specializes in portable environmental monitors. Our flagship product AUDIT-BUDDY™ is a revolutionary multi-level temperature and humidity monitor that records real-time and long term scans of data center conditions. Use this inexpensive tool to pinpoint and diagnose airflow issues without touching the server or existing infrastructure. Make data-driven decisions to control energy costs and increase operational efficiency. Ideal for enterprise facilities, colocations, and commissioning agents.
To learn more visit purkaylabs.comLinkedIn, or Twitter

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